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In Silico Guidance for Combination Oncotherapy

Current cancer treatments have a different effect on every cancer patient. Even if two patients share the same cancer diagnosis, the specific genetic variants in each person’s tumor guarantee that they will not react the same to identical treatments.
CureMatch™ has developed a decision support software platform that guides oncologists in the selection of drugs for powerful combination therapy. Leveraging proprietary predictive analytics, our system suggests a set of drugs optimized for the genetic profile and diagnostic analyses of each patient’s tumor.
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A Molecular “Portrait” of Cancer

molecular_portrait_cancerCureMatch™ leverages cutting edge next-generation sequencing and diagnostics analyses to generate a comprehensive description the molecular changes that define an individual tumor. This genomic “portrait” of a patient’s cancer is used to provide advanced treatment options to the oncologist.

Comprehensive Decision Guidance

image_antibody Approximately 90% of patients harbor genomic alterations within their cancer that can be addressed using targeted pharmaceuticals. The CureMatch™ decision support system searches across all types of treatment resources—from small molecules to advanced immunotherapies—to provide ranked treatment options to the oncologist.

Using big data for each patient

banner_server_roomWe’re bringing cancer treatment from a “one-size-fits-all” paradigm to an application of personalized medicine. To determine an ideal drug combination for each patient, our proprietary algorithms comb through all potential treatments, then look far beyond individual genes to analyze indirect gene affects, surrounding gene networks, protein-level and metabolomics analyses that impact each patient’s cancer.

Resources for Patients

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Decision Support for Oncology

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