Offer Employers Technology to Outsmart
Cancer and Save Lives

Third-Party Administrators can offer employers a patient-centered precision oncology approach to improve patient outcomes and eliminate wasteful spending on costly, low-value medications.

Improve Cancer Outcomes and Curb Plan Sponsor Oncology Rx Spend

Only 2-3% of all cancer treatments are personalized to the patient by scientifically selecting drugs that are matching to the patient’s unique genomic profile.

The CureMatch solution helps patients avoid ineffective cancer therapies, and facilitates more accurate and value-based cancer therapy selections.

Drive Better Health Outcomes

Extend the Value-Based Construct to Oncology Specialty Pharmacy

Reduce Plan Sponsor Liability and ESL Risk

Matching patients to personalized cancer therapies is the first step to advancing better cancer care and curbing wasteful spending on suboptimal treatments.

Benefits of CureMatch Include

  • Provide cancer patients and oncologists with more accurate, value-based personalized therapy options to consider; each, matched to the patient’s unique molecular profile.


  • Identify the most effective cancer drugs and avoid ineffective ones. CureMatch helps identify and stay clear of ineffective treatments, so patients are treated earlier, thereby increasing their chance of a better outcome.  Curbing wasteful spending on ineffective, low-clinical-value treatments in favor of more effective, high-value ones, benefits patients, providers, plan sponsors and employer stop-loss carriers alike.


  • Lessen adverse drug event risk by mitigating the chance of avoidably authorizing a potentially dangerous cancer drug.


  • Promote ERISA compliance by taking active measures to ensure that plan assets are not improperly spent on cancer treatments that are scientifically known to be ineffective for the subject patient.


  • Replace obsolete and misdirected “lowest-net-cost” oncology formulary logic with a solution based on more advanced and accurate “comparative effectiveness analysis”.

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