Cancer as we know it for your Employees – Starts with knowing their Best Therapy Options

Cancer accounts for 12 percent of employers’ total medical costs in the United States, with $125 billion spent on direct medical costs.

Matching patients to personalized cancer therapy options is the first step in better cancer therapy and reducing employer healthcare costs.

About 1 in 3 people will experience a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

As an employer sponsor, you know that the cost of treating cancer is high in both drug and medical costs.

You also know that its impact goes beyond dollars, impacting the morale and productivity of your workplace.

Reducing costs, delivering value – New published research Find out how embedding CureMatch AI into your benefit plans can cut wasteful spend on high-cost, low-value cancer drugs while providing better treatment options.

Enter a New Standard of Care with Precision Treatment Options for Cancer Treatment

By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with precision medicine, CureMatch is supporting doctors and healthcare systems with data they need to identify more targeted therapies for cancer patients.

With information about the molecular profile of the individual patient, the CureMatch Decision Support System leverages sophisticated algorithms, as well as curated clinical and scientific knowledge, to help doctors identify actionable combinations and monotherapies for optimal cancer treatment – supporting improved clinical and financial outcomes.

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