Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Assessment

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CureMatch offers a service to assess your NGS report and any other molecular profiling data for any cancer patient.

With CureMatch, you can be confident that you are receiving treatment options that are best suited for you.

Help determine if it can be used to generate a CureMatch Report

Unlock the Power of Precision Medicine: Get Personalized Treatment Recommendations with CureMatch's NGS Assessment

Each CureMatch analysis is unique, it depends on the type of NGS test results available and the biomarkers that are detected. CureMatch focuses on the personalized molecular matching of somatic NGS biomarkers of clinical relevance, as well as other possible data sources. 

Identify the most effective cancer drugs and avoid ineffective ones. CureMatch helps identify and stay clear of ineffective treatments, so patients are treated earlier, thereby increasing their chance of a better outcome. Curbing wasteful spending on ineffective, low-clinical-value treatments in favor of more effective, high-value ones, benefits patients, providers, plan sponsors and employer stop-loss carriers alike.

What You Need to Get Started

Over a 15-minute call a CureMatch team member will assess your NGS report and determine whether the data available can serve as inputs for our therapy matching analysis and if it’s a good fit for a CureMatch report.

One or more somatic NGS reports (Required)

Any other molecular testing results on DNA, RNA, or protein levels (Optional)

$249 One-time Fee.  If your report is assessed as a good match for a CureMatch Report that fee will be discounted from the report cost.