CureMatch Oncology Report

for Customized Cancer Treatment Options

Know someone with cancer? Whether it’s you or someone you care about, you can make a difference.

How Does Precision Medicine Help Cancer Patients?

A cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming and working with doctors to quickly identify therapy options that will have the best outcome is complex.


For diagnosed patients, precision medicine with CureMatch helps doctors identify therapies that are tailored to each person’s unique molecular profile, supporting the oncology team with options that are ‘matched’ to an individual’s tumor.


If you have cancer or want to help someone who does, you can give A CureMatch Oncology Report for precision medicine – helping the doctor and the patient identify the top matching therapy options.


When it comes to cancer, early treatment makes all the difference, so order today.

CureMatch Medication Acquisition Assistance Partnership

If a CureMatch Oncology Report lists a therapy option that is ordered by the physician but denied by insurance, our partners at Medication Acquisition Inc. have extensive knowledge of the insurance approval process and work tirelessly to help patients receive the treatments they need. They work with insurance companies to appeal denied claims and provide the necessary documentation to support approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Precision Medicine?

A: Precision Medicine is an approach to cancer treatment that is precisely tailored to molecular markers, such as abnormal genes, transcripts, proteins, and immune profile markers in a particular patient’s cancer.  With this approach (and all of the required data), a doctor can provide a treatment plan that is customized to address a patient’s cancer at a molecular level. This approach may use monotherapy (one drug) or combination therapy (where two or more drugs are considered to treat a disease).

For deeper insights, Dr. Razelle Kurzock, renowned oncologist and Chief Medical Advisor for CureMatch shares a 10-minute overview of Precision Medicine and how the CureMatch system supports the doctor and the cancer patient.

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Q: What does CureMatch do to match people to therapy options tailored to the molecular profile of their cancer?

A: With our team of clinical and scientific experts, CureMatch has created a Therapeutic Intelligence System built on top of a proprietary knowledge base to help oncologists consider and prioritize millions of possible therapeutic options and reduce that to the few matches that empower a physician to quickly devise a precision therapy plan.

CureMatch combines information about the patient’s tumor derived from a patient’s NGS lab report (tumor genomics, tumor pathology, tumor immune profile) along with clinical, scientific, and therapeutic information from the knowledgebase to identify monotherapies and combination therapies that best match the molecular cancer profile of the individual patient.

Q: What does the CureMatch oncology report provide?

A: Once the data from a person’s NGS lab report is provided to CureMatch, we use our sophisticated algorithms to identify matching therapies, score filter, and provide fewer than tentop-matched options, which may include 2-drug, 3-drug combinations and/or monotherapies.

That information is compiled into a customized CureMatch Oncology Report that provides details about each option, along with a CureMatch Score so that it is easy to see which combinations provide the highest match to the individual. The report also filters out options that are not recommended due to any known drug resistance or toxicities.

With a CureMatch report in hand, the doctor and the patient can then evaluate therapeutic options efficiently and make an informed decision on a customized treatment plan.

Q: How long does CureMatch analysis take?

A: Once completed by the lab, results will be sent to CureMatch. We then apply sophisticated algorithms to run a CureMatch analysis that identifies and ranks the matching personalized treatments choices.

We strive to complete the analysis within 3 business days after receiving required information from the lab and/or the doctor. The results of that analysis are made available in the Oncology Report, so the doctor and patient can evaluate the information together to choose a treatment plan.

Q: Who is a CureMatch analysis available to?

A: The CureMatch Oncology analysis is available for patients with all types of cancer, at all stages of the disease, and at any time during the treatment course. While it is best to get a CureMatch report soon after diagnosis, in some cases, patients may already be undergoing some type of therapy. We believe that any patient about to get molecular testing done, like NGS lab analysis, deserves to be “CureMatched” and Provided a customized Oncology Report as the next logical step before the final treatment regimens are prescribed.


The CureMatch Oncology Report is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis or healthcare advice and does not purport to contain all the information that a prospective consumer may require to make personal healthcare decisions. Please consult directly with your physician or healthcare provider for medical advice. The CureMatch Oncology Report voucher does not expire and can be redeemed for a future time; the gift voucher has no cash value and can only be redeemed in exchange for a CureMatch Oncology Report.