What If...

We Could Customize
Your Cancer Treatment
to Match Your Unique Tumor?

CureMatch customizes the right combination(s) of cancer therapies to match the biology of your individual tumor, in order to hit as many genomic biomarkers driving your cancer as hard as possible.

Identifying the Right Cancer Treatment

for You is Important

Sorting through the millions of cancer therapy combinations to target the genomic drivers of your cancer is complex. But, with the help of CureMatch’s expertly curated knowledge base and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered proprietary algorithm, we can match the best drug combinations to fight your cancer so there may be a higher chance of progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).

“In fact, when cancer treatments are matched to your unique tumor,the progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) increases.” i-Predict Study

Starting the Right Cancer Treatment

as Soon as Possible is Important

Having cancer can be overwhelming and financially draining. But, getting on the right cancer treatment, matched to your unique tumor as soon as possible, can help avoid any potential unnecessary toxicities and/or the extra financial burdens of medications that have no response to your tumor.

Benefits of CureMatch

  • Help customize cancer treatments matched to target the drivers (molecular makeup) of your individual tumor

  • Help avoid any potential unnecessary toxicities

  • Help reduce the extra financial burden of medications that have no response to your tumor

  • Help improve your chance of a higher progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS)


  • "CureMatch offers a superior genomic matching product including customized combination therapy options for informing treatment choices. The numerical score values are a powerful way to help one choose amongst possible clinical interventions."

    Rick Lanman, MD Former Global Chief Medical Officer, Guardant Health, Inc.
  • “CureMatch decision support has been very helpful. I have used it with my patients and it has changed my therapy decisions.”
    John S. Link, MD Memorial Care
  • "Accurate matching of large NGS datasets to clinical application requires a tool that can not only match DNA alteration to drugs, but also a tool that provides mutations desensitizing data as well as synergist combinations of multiple variants. To date, CureMatch is the only tool that provides us this data"
    Alex Rolland Chief Scientist, Founding Member of CTOAM Inc and Liquid biopsy Labs Inc.
  • "CureMatch is where molecular science meets Al to revolutionize cancer care. CureMatch can provide objective cutting-edge information to drive and potentially alter treatment decisions in the space of precision oncology!"
    Nader Javadi, MD Hope Health Center
  • "For too long, we have matched patients to therapies with technologies and criteria more suited to the past than the present. CureMatch is a pioneer in bringing the future of therapy matching to patients today."
    Greg Simon Cancer Moonshot
  • "The future of cancer care will rely upon personalization and precision. But, with the CureMatch approach for designing individualized cancer treatment regimens, the future is now."
    Jason Sicklick, MD, FACS UC San Diego Health
  • "Translation of molecular data into actionable insights is a formidable task. By considering the molecular profile and physician's treatment choices, CureMatch offers a new way to streamline clinical decisions."
    Samantha Hasenleithner Medical University of Graz
  • "CureMatch has been an important part of the decision-making for cancer care, especially for the patients with complexed molecular profiling results."
    Shumei Kato, MD UC San Diego Health
  • "CureMatch is doing what makes sense in getting the right drugs to the right patients. Their therapy options with scores and targeting rationale allows oncologists to make quicker personalized treatment choices"
    Jacob Adoshek, DO Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • The cCureMatch report provided me with clarity about therapeutic options for my patients with metastatic cancer given that there are no clinical trials currently available at ours or other regional centers that they would be eligible for.
    Himabindu Gaddipati, MD Clinical Oncologist, Geneticist and Entrepreneur
  • "CureMatch does what no human can do in their head. They computationally permutate millions of drug combinations based on a tumor’s known molecular signature. The rank-ordering of best 3-, 2-, and single-drug combinations gives rational choices to treating oncologists. CureMatch considers biomarkers regardless of the tumor type and line of therapy to strictly match drug mechanisms of action to a tumor’s exact, known molecular profile. This opens up many more treatment options beyond the standard of care - and this is so important when those treatments are failing the patient. CureMatch turns the clinically “non-actionable” information in a typical biomarker test report into “Actionable,” giving much-needed hope to patients."
    Kimary Kulig, PhD, MPH

Understanding How CureMatch

fits into Your Cancer Journey

CureMatch is the “next step” after your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tumor profile and/or Liquid Biopsy results have come back.  Your CureMatch results will provide another piece of information for your doctor to consider when trying to solve your unique cancer puzzle.  This information, tailored to you, helps find the best possible treatment to target your cancer.

Am I Eligible for CureMatch?

  • Patient must have a current diagnosis of cancer

  • Patient must have had somatic tumor profiling or liquid biopsy, with next generation sequencing (NGS), completed

  • Must be ordered by a healthcare provider

Do You Have a Recent Cancer Diagnosis

and/or Have Your Tumor Profile Complete?

How Does it Work?

Step One

Your Care Team uploads your Tumor and/or Liquid Biopsy Results into the CureMatch Portal.

Performed at your Clinical Institution

Step Two

CureMatch Analyzes the data by filtering, ranking and scoring combination cancer therapies.

Performed by CureMatch’s Proprietary Platform

Step Three

CureMatch Customizes the top best therapies matched to your individual tumor.

Performed by CureMatch

Step Four

The CureMatch Report is sent to your Care Team.

Performed by CureMatch

Step Five

The doctor from your Care Team will review the results with you to come up with a plan.

Your Clinical Institution

Do You Know Someone
with Cancer?

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you can pay for a CureMatch NGS Assessment or CureMatch Oncology Report.

NGS Assessment

CureMatch Oncology Report

CureMatch can help identify the top matching therapy options that a patient may respond to, giving them the best chance of hitting the actionable drivers of their cancer as hard as possible.

When it comes to cancer, finding the right treatment to match a patient’s tumor as soon as possible makes all the difference in the world.

See FAQ’s below or email our Program Coordinator to get started today.


*CureMatch must be ordered by a provider.  You will be charged $1,500 for the test and associated services once your
Next Generation Sequencing Results have been received by CureMatch. Price includes CureMatch Analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CureMatch?

CureMatch is a service that customizes the right combination(s) of cancer therapies to match the molecular makeup of your individual tumor, in order to hit as many genetic biomarkers driving your cancer as hard as possible.

How does CureMatch work?

With the help of CureMatch’s expertly curated knowledge base and AI-powered proprietary algorithm, we match the best drug combinations to fight your tumor.  We customize treatment options for you by sorting through millions of drug combinations.  We then filter, rank, and score the best possible combinations that match your individual tumor so there may be a higher chance of progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).

How can CureMatch help patients in their journey?

Your CureMatch result will provide additional information for your doctor when they are considering the best possible treatment for you, based on all of the genetic information they provide to CureMatch.

The CureMatch Result includes:

  • CureMatch Matches, ranks, and scores both known and novel combination therapies, with the medical and scientific rationale included for all matches (FDA-approved and EMA-label for International)
    • Top 3 Matching 3-drug combinations
    • Top 3 Matching 2-drug combinations
    • Top 3 Matching monotherapies (1-drug)
  • Exclusions / Warnings Page shows the therapeutic drugs that do not go well together in combinations (caution should be taken) and the rationale behind each one
  • Physician’s Selection” provides an opportunity for us to score, separately, the specific therapy or combination of therapies that your doctor is thinking of putting you on to see how it compares to CureMatch’s scores.
  • Alternative Drug Choices provide the therapeutic options that may have alternative drug choices. Drugs are considered alternatives when they share the same analogous mechanisms of action and impact on the score with
    • The same targeting mechanisms
    • The same therapy class
    • The same score
  • Black-Box Warning, Contraindications, and Examples of Drug-Drug Interactions will be shown, if any
  • Examples of Existing Clinical Trials using matched drugs, if any available

*The analysis that CureMatch provides is based on the actionable biomarkers of your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Somatic Tumor Profile results.  Not all patients have more than one (1) actionable biomarker.  If CureMatch only finds one (1) actionable biomarker, a CureMatch Report would not offer additional value, due to the lack of additional therapy options to consider.

How do I get my CureMatch Analysis done?

The CureMatch Analysis needs to be ordered by your Oncologist. Once you have had your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Tumor Profiling or Liquid Biopsy done, those results can be sent to CureMatch, via our secure Physician Portal, and will be analyzed using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) – powered algorithm.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Your Tumor Biopsy or Liquid Biopsy Results from your clinic/hospital are uploaded by your care team into CureMatch’s Physician Portal
  2. CureMatch Analyzes your tumor and/or liquid biopsy results with their AI-powered algorithm, filtering through 300+ FDA and EMA approved oncology drugs, which is roughly 4.5 million combinations
  3. CureMatch Customizes the best combinations of drugs possible that are matched to the molecular make-up of your individual tumor
  4. The CureMatch Report is sent to your care team for your doctor to consider the best possible treatment for you
  5. The Doctor from Your Care Team will review the results with you

How long does it take to get CureMatch Results back?

We strive to complete the CureMatch Analysis within 3 business days after receiving the required information from the lab and/or your doctor.  The results will be made available to your doctor through their secure CureMatch Physician Portal.  The result is made available in a PDF format so you and your doctor can evaluate the information and choose a treatment plan together.

Is CureMatch covered by Insurance?

CureMatch is currently not covered by insurance. However, patients may pay cash for this service, or you can have someone provide you with the Gift of CureMatch via the link here.

The cash pay price for patients is $1,500 out-of-pocket for the CureMatch Report

What data source(s) does CureMatch look at when matching the combination of drugs to my tumor?

CureMatch looks at a variety of sources when customizing your matched treatments.  Along with the curated knowledge base of scientific, medical, and clinical evidence, the sources include:

  • Your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tumor profile and / or Liquid Biopsy report(s) (Required)
  • Any of your Pathology Reports (with Biomarker Identification), RNA, Protein or Immune Marker Reports, and Pharmacogenomic Testing Reports, if available
  • 300+ FDA and EMA approved cancer drugs
  • Published clinical genomic evidence
  • Pharmacology
    • Drug mechanisms
    • Drug labels
  • Clinical Trials

Is CureMatch only available for certain types of cancer?

The CureMatch Analysis is available for patients with all types of cancer, at all stages of the disease, and at any time during the course of treatment.  While it is best to get a CureMatch Analysis done soon after diagnosis, in some cases a patient may already be undergoing some type of therapy.  We believe that any patient about to get molecular testing done, like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Tumor Profiling or Liquid Biopsies, deserves to be “CureMatched” as the next logical step.

Can a CureMatch Analysis be performed on children with cancer?

Yes, a CureMatch Analysis can be performed on children with cancer.  Reports for children ages 18 and under are available at no charge.

How do I redeem my CureMatch Gift or order my own report?

Once you have your Gift of CureMatch purchased, have your voucher information available and call 858-924-8490 or email us at ProgramCoordinator@CureMatch.com

A Program Coordinator will be assigned to schedule an introductory call.  Your Program Coordinator will reach out to help connect with your doctor to ensure you have the required lab tests completed in order to run your CureMatch Analysis.